Moody School of The Bible

In our work in rural communities across Ghana, we realized that there are a lot of street preachers, ministry leaders and people who have a passion for God’s work and ministry work, but are doing so without formal theological training.

Our Story

In partnership with Moody Bible Institute, Chicago – U.S.A, the Oral Bible School was established in 2017 to help equip ministry workers (including church pastors of small churches, elders, ministry leaders, street preachers etc) with the right tools to aid in their work.

Study materials and content from Moody Bible Institute have been translated into Twi – a local language, conceptualized and recorded onto audio playback devices which the students use to study.

The students are then assessed every 10 days by sending them audio examination questions which they answer via their cell phones. There are two levels (over the course of 2 years) of the program with four courses each and 8 lessons per course.

Our Story

Till date over 1,000 students have gone through the Oral Bible School and another 440 students are currently enrolled in the program.

The Oral Bible School is transforming the lives of the students every day and there have been great accounts of transformation in their lives

Oral School of the Bible

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