Impact Stories

The Proclaimer, a Voice from Heaven

Akolipaka Azubire felt a surge of joy as he listened to the Frafra audio Bible playback device (proclaimer). He was part of the listening group at the Sirigu Azuiolone community, a remote village in the Upper East region of Ghana. For the first time, he could hear the Word of God in his own language. He could understand the stories of Jesus and his teachings. He could learn how to pray and grow in his faith.

He was not alone. Many others in his community had also embraced the gospel through the listening program. They had no access to the hard copy Bible, and they had no regular pastor to guide them. But the proclaimer was like a voice from heaven, speaking to them in their heart language. It nourished their souls and strengthened their bond with God.

Thanks to you our cherished donor, Akolipaka Azubire and his entire community now feels the presence of God in their lives and in their community.

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