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Nzema Audio Bible Leads Miezah To Salvation

Mr. Ernest Amihere, the leader of the Bible Listening Group in a community called 'Allowuley Down', shares a testimony of the profound impact of the audio Bible on a 50 year old Ivorian named Miezah, who resides in their community.

For many years, Mr. Amihere and other members of his church shared the Gospel with Miezah, hoping to touch his heart and lead him to the path of salvation. But all their soul winning efforts fell on deaf ears. Eventually, Theovision International introduced the audio Bible to the community of Allowuley Down, and that is when everything changed.

Miezah, together with some members of the community joined the Bible Listening Group; and every week, Mr. Amihere would play the audio scriptures at the community's assembly point. Intrigued, Miezah would return time and again to listen to the Bible stories. After the listening session one evening, Miezah told Mr. Amihere how through the scriptures, he has realized that the world is changing, and the fact that this was a confirmation of the prophecies in Matthew chapter 24 about the signs of the end time.

Through the audio Bible in the Nzema language, Miezah now understands the significance God's Word in his life, and has stirred a sense of urgency within him to embrace the Lord Jesus Christ. The barriers that once held Miezah back was no longer there, and his heart is now wide open to welcome the grace of salvation.

Few weeks later, Miezah declared his repentance and wholeheartedly accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior. The power of the spoken Word of God has today helped him find solace and hope in the fellowship of the Church of Pentecost his community, 'Allowuley Down'.

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