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Ministry Partners and Donors Experience Bible Listening Session in Big Ada

On Saturday, March 23, 2024, a group of seven new benefactors of Theovision embarked on a field visitation to Wasa Kuse Wayo and Midea villages in Big Ada, in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana, where we have set up Bible listening groups.  

The purpose of this visit was for our benefactors to experience how the Bible listening groups are facilitated, fellowship with the Bible listening group members, offer encouragement, inspiration, and have a tangible connection to the impact of their support. On arrival, the benefactors were treated to a children’s play about the story of Jesus Christ and John the Baptist.

After the amazing performance by the children, everyone – families, elders and children gathered under a mango tree in the middle of the community and listened to the Dangme audio Bible. Some children perched on logs while some curious bystanders also leaned in from afar as they listened to John Chapter 3 from the audio Bible in Dangme.

The benefactors, after the listening session, were so joyful to hear all the powerful testimonies shared by the indigenes on the impact of the audio Bible on the hearts and minds. The benefactors, eyes brimming with fulfilment, inspired the Bible listening group members to continue their renewed fellowship with Christ with determination. Indeed, this was not just a field trip, but an encounter with the transformative power of God through the Bible listening session.

Both the benefactors and the Bible listening groups thanked Theovision International and their partners for the massive work they are doing.

Beyond Big Ada, Theovision’s audio Bible listening groups have become an integral part of many communities, united in a common mission to create positive change. Churches, schools, prisons, hospitals, communities, information centres, and orphanages resonate with the voice of God in the mother tongue.

Over 3,000 active groups meet weekly to listen to the audio Bible. More people are still yet to hear God’s Word in their heart language. With your support, a soul distant from Christ can also be transformed.  

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