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2024 Reach Campaign Successfully Ends: A Heartfelt Thank You!

We are thrilled to announce the successful end of this year’s Reach campaign on Sunny 88.7 FM. Your unwavering support has touched many lives, spread hope, and brought positive change to unreached communities in Ghana, igniting hope and transforming lives.

Theovision International, in partnership with Sunny 88.7 FM, has been on an annual mission to raise funds to set up Bible listening groups in rural communities, where God’s Word is shared to indigenes through the audio Bible in indigenous languages.

Many in these deprived areas hunger for the truth, unable to read or write yet yearning to hear God’s voice. Through the airwaves of Sunny 88.7 FM, listeners, donors, and ministry partners rallied together to help send God’s Word to the hinterlands.

Within weeks of the campaign, funds for 204 Bible listening groups were raised to the glory of God. These communities can now listen to God speak to them in their heart language.

To our listeners, donors, and partners, your generosity made it possible to achieve such success. Thank you! Together, we’ve sown seeds of eternity which is going to transform the lives of the unreached people groups with God's Word.

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