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children and youth

Children & Youth

Reaching children with the word of God. Children provide a fertile ground and a great receptacle for the Gospel. They are a great channel to take God’s light into the homes and hearts of many people in dark places.

Gods word for all

Gods Word For All

We spread the gospel through: Word For All (WFA) The Bible Listening program dubbed “Word For All (WFA)” seeks to promote the use of audio Scriptures in vernacular...

media training

Media Training

Theovision offers opportunity for nationals to be trained in Radio Production, Church Sound Operation, Music Recording, Video Production & Editing, Sound Engineering, Community Development and Healthcare, Church Planting and Rural Evangelism.

community dev.psd

Community Development & Healthcare

As our staff have traveled with the Bible Listening programs to some rural communities of Ghana we have discovered a great need for basic healthcare, clean drinking water and latrines that are safe and healthy.