• ‘I did not believe in the existence of God, I believed that one had to see a thing before believing it and since I had never set eyes on the God of the Bible, I wasn’t going to pay heed to any of the stories or testimonies people has more
  • ‘Everyone in this village knows me, I have hardly lost a fight and I never forgave anyone who offended me but I heard something from this Audio Bible’. The energetic woman was on her way to fight another woman who had insulted her when she heard the Audio Bible more
  • ‘I have heard a lot about God from the Bible Listening Group and I heard you were coming to visit so I was waiting to surrender my life to Christ’. Grandma Nyenyevi was forcefully handed the idols of her forefathers. She has met a lot of woes since she more
  • Please send the word to my people! Akorfa pleaded. She had encountered the Audio Bible Device while on a visit to her brother at Mermorji. Akorfa’s family was an idol-worshiping one so she was very angry at her brother who was now the facilitator of the Bible Listening Group. more
  • ‘I never wanted to have anything to do with church or Christians’, a 40 year old farmer declared. Midawa now referred to as Paul, was an idol worshiper and had no plans of committing to a God whose language he thought was foreign but that day as he passed more
  • God’s light has shone brightly on Kledeke, a village in Bator across the Volta River. Every Wednesday evening, some of the village folks (Christians and non-Christians) gather under a tree in the house of Brother Mathias and his wife for the Bible listening session. Listening to the Bible in more