• It was such a wonderful thing to hear of the end of a war that existed between a married couple in a village called Geklekope which means “the end of the war”. While struggling with the responsibility of catering for her eight children alone, 55 years old Sandra Goka more
  • 90 years old Aku Agoka is so glad that she is saved now through the Word of God in her mother tongue. However, she wishes she had been saved when she was much younger and energetic. The countless times she asked where Theovision International had been was only an more
  • Moses grew up in a house where alcohol was easy to access. His father was a fetish priest so he always had a regular supply from the stock that people presented for rituals. Due to this, he became an addict at a tender age. At a point in his more
  • SEEING IS BELIEVING ‘I did not believe in the existence of God. I believed that one had to see a thing to believe it and since I had never set eyes on the God of the Bible, I was deaf to all those stories or testimonies people had spread more
  • VILLAGE CHAMPION QUITS FIGHTING! ”Everyone in this village knows my record. They know that I never loose a fight and I never forgive anyone who offends me, but I heard something from this Audio Bible that changed my story”, a stout looking middle aged woman in Mermoji in the more
  • I GIVE UP THOSE IDOLS! ‘I have heard a lot about God from the Bible Listening Group and I heard you were coming to visit so I was waiting to surrender my life to Christ’. Grandma Nyenyevi, a new convert at Mermoji. Grandma Nyenyevi was forcefully handed the idols more