• Moses grew up in a house where alcohol was easy to access. His father was a fetish priest so he always had a regular supply from the stock that people presented for rituals. Due to this, he became an addict at a tender age. At a point in his more
  • SEEING IS BELIEVING ‘I did not believe in the existence of God. I believed that one had to see a thing to believe it and since I had never set eyes on the God of the Bible, I was deaf to all those stories or testimonies people had spread more
  • VILLAGE CHAMPION QUITS FIGHTING! ”Everyone in this village knows my record. They know that I never loose a fight and I never forgive anyone who offends me, but I heard something from this Audio Bible that changed my story”, a stout looking middle aged woman in Mermoji in the more
  • I GIVE UP THOSE IDOLS! ‘I have heard a lot about God from the Bible Listening Group and I heard you were coming to visit so I was waiting to surrender my life to Christ’. Grandma Nyenyevi, a new convert at Mermoji. Grandma Nyenyevi was forcefully handed the idols more
  • SEND THE WORD TO MY PEOPLE! Please send the Word to my people! Akofa pleaded. She had encountered the Audio Bible while on a visit to her brother’s home at Mermorji. Akofa’s family served idols so she was furious to discover that her brother was the facilitator of the more
  • THE WORDS SPOKE DIRECTLY TO ME! ‘I never wanted to have anything to do with church or Christians’, a 40 year old farmer declared. Midawa now referred to as Paul, was an idol worshiper who loathed the God of the Christians because he felt that God was foreign. For more